Step by step…

1. Meeting

It all starts with a meeting. We’ll get to know you and your product, and you’ll get to know us and how we work. The coffee is on us!

2. Creative

After we get to know your product and the essential messages you want to get across, we’ll think of the coolest and most original way to present it.

3. script
We’ve sharpened our pencils, thought about the creative and distilled the messages! Now we’ll combine them into a precise and well-honed script which will perfectly present your product.
4. Videoboard

Through sketches of the main frames, voice over samples and editing, we will create a videoboard – a draft which will give you a feel for the logic and flow of the final video.

5. Design

We design characters, backdrops and everything we need to make it a sight for sore eyes. We’ll provide you with style frames which will help you get a feel of the ‘look’ of the final video.

6. Animation

This is where the magic happens. In this stage, all of the different elements come together to create a perfect animated film, with no compromises. It’s ALIVE!

7. Sound

The viewing experience will never be complete without a high-quality soundtrack. After animation, we’ll add music and sound effects to your video which will take it that one step further.

Your film is ready!
8. Your film is ready!

That’s it, your video is ready! You can reveal it to the world! From here on in the video can hit the ground running – the moment it’s online, the sky is the limit…