about igloo

Igloo was founded by Arik Ben-Ari, an experienced animator and designer with vast experience in the world of marketing and technology, and Dan Sela, a musician and sound designer with years of experience in production and cinema.

This collaboration led to the establishment of a studio whose main goal is to create animated videos with no compromises whatsoever – on content, visuals or sound.

Whether you’re a start-up or a hi-tech company, a service provider or a small, medium or large business owner – we are here to create a video which will help you take your product forward.

With a great deal of experience with a range of clients in Israel and overseas, our videos have proven themselves in creating exposure, growing customer bases and creating opportunities for products, as well as playing a factor in fund raising.

As a studio with full production capabilities, from creative and scripts, to design & animation and soundtrack design, our services are also perfectly suited to advert production, animation for games, digital media marketing and more.